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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween Story I Wrote A Long Time Ago... Don't Ask

Boston Fever By Penny Mickey It was October 24, 2009, exactly one week before Halloween. An eerie wind was blowing in Boston, Massachusetts as friends, Penny, Slider, and Frosty hopped off the school bus into the blowing wind. A few leaves tumbled across the street. It looked like a normal day. But it wasn’t. “Ugh! I can’t believe Ms. Gerdipledink assigned us so much homework!” Slider exclaimed, lugging his backpack behind him. “Homework isn’t that bad,” Penny started, “If it gets me into Harvard, it’s worth it,” Penny said, gesturing toward the college as they walked past. Penny sighed. “Harvard.” “Penny, Harvard isn’t that important. It’s just a college. College is college. Get over Harvard.” Frosty snorted. “Actually, Harvard isn’t just a college. It’s the institution that’s going to start my research for my Nobel Peace Prize.” Penny countered. “Nobel Peace Prize. My dream.” “Penny, I don’t mean to be rude, but you have high expectations for yourself. Be happy with who you are. Whether or not you go to Harvard, or win a Nobel Peace Prize, you’re always going to be Penny, and you should be happy with that,” Slider reassured. “Well, yeah, I am happy, but I could be even more happy with myself snuggling a Nobel Peace Prize while sleeping in my dorm at Harvard!” “There’s no changing your opinion, is there?” Frosty asked, obviously annoyed, “You’ll just have to learn it the hard way when you end up working in McDonald’s flipping burgers, wishing you had applied to a college other than Harvard.” “I might also apply to Yale!” Penny retorted. “And I would never work at McDonald’s for two reasons. One, I’m a vegetarian. Two, Harvard IS going to accept me!” “Sheesh, lay off it, Penny. Sorry, didn’t mean to make you want to kill me.” Frosty said, backing away. Oof! Slider landed in a puddle, weighed down by the weight of his backpack. “Stupid homework.” Penny and Frosty reached down to help Slider up. Slider brushed some of the dirt off of his pants, then the three continued walking until they reached Broken Woods, their neighborhood. The three said goodbye and continued the walk to their homes alone. Penny trudged through the leaves, and admitted to herself that maybe Ms. Gerdipledink did assign a bit too much homework. Penny neared her driveway, and turned into it. Penny always loved the crunching of leaves under her feet, so she took off her pink socks and silver tennis shoes, and continued the trek up her driveway, leaves crunching beneath. She swung open the glass cover door, and then opened the big oak door. Penny stomped up the stairs, wishing to do it two steps at a time, but couldn’t due to her backpack. She entered her room, and slumped down into her purple saucer chair by her maple desk. She opened her bookbag and took out her planner, where she wrote her assignments. Writing had always been Penny’s favorite subject, so she decided to work on that first. Write a one page story about a time where you were very brave. Oh, great. Penny thought. I’m not brave. I’m the weakest, most scared person you could ever meet. I’ve never done anything brave. I’m like a turtle, always hiding in my shell. Penny sighed, and began trying to think of a topic. Slider turned into his driveway, but instead of being covered with leaves, it was crystal clean. Slider sighed. His mom always wanted everything perfect, and was a slight neat freak. He slid on the driveway and landed in another mucky, muddy puddle. Just my luck, Slider thought. He stood up and continued to walk towards the clear glass door. He slid the key into the lock, and stepped inside. Slider let his backpack slip off and sat it at the bottom of the stairs. He would do it after he got a snack. He went to the kitchen and got some cheese and crackers. Frosty whistled as he walked toward his house, at a steady pace. He was about five houses away from his home when a car sped up and slammed on its brakes, skidding onto the sidewalk where Frosty was walking. A guy wearing all black jumped out of the van and grabbed Frosty. “HEEELLPP!!!” Frosty screamed, kicking rapidly. The man slapped a giant piece of tape over Frosty’s mouth. He shoved Frosty roughly into the van and sped away, blowing leaves every which way. Penny was still trying to think of an idea for her homework, and Slider was finishing his snack when both their phones rang, using the three way calling. “Hello?” they said in usion. “Penny, Slider,” Penny and Slider both recognized the voice as Frosty’s mom, but she was crying and sounded so desolute. “Frosty isn’t at either of your houses, is he? Because... Frosty is missing!” “What?!?!?!” Slider asked, hopelessly. “No! I don’t believe you! Frosty can’t be missing! He wouldn’t let anyone kipnap him! He’s smart! He would have found a way to avoid it!” Penny screamed into the phone, even though she knew the truth. All that could be heard on the other end of the phone was crying, and then the click of someone hanging up. Penny started crying, and Slider tried to comfort her. “Penny, Frosty’s going to be okay. Someone’s going to find him. They will. The police are probably looking this very instant. Frosty might not even be in trouble. He could be at someone else’s house, or maybe he went to the park or something.” Slider said, trying to be reassuring, even though he knew he might not be telling the truth. “It’s all my fault! What if he ran away because he was mad at me? I’ll never forgive myself! Frosty is missing! He wouldn’t just disappear without telling anyone!” she wailed. “I’m coming over to your house. I don’t want to be home alone!” “No, you stay there. I’m coming to you. Don’t worry, I’ll be right over. Frosty’s gonna be okay.” “Thanks, Slider,” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “I can’t believe he’s gone!” Penny cried, Slider sitting next to her on the tan leather couch. “It’s okay. Frosty’s mom is probably going to call any minute now telling us they found him.” Penny stared in Slider’s eyes, then whimpered, “You’re lying. I can tell by the look in your eye. You think something is wrong too.” “But does it make you feel better?” “No, but I hope you’re right,” she cried, burying her head into Slider’s shoulder. The white van swerved at top speed into a big, empty warehouse. Frosty jolted forward, and then swung back into the seat, propelled by the seat belt sitting across his chest. “Where are we?!?! What are you going to do with me?!?!” Frosty asked, his lip quivering. “That’s not important,” the guy said without turning around. He sounded old, and had a scraggly voice. “Frosty’s whole life flashed before his eyes. Maybe if he hadn’t locked his teacher out of the room in 2nd grade, or maybe if he had babysat his little cousin when asked in 5th grade, or even if he hadn’t stole his sister’s lollipop, then took a big lick, then gave it to the snake in 1st grade, he wouldn’t be in this situation. “Are you going to hurt me?” he inquired, his voice still shaky. The voice responded, “As long as you and your family coperate, and they give me the one million dollars before sundown on October 30th, no harm will come to you.” “Why would you expect my family to have a million dollars? Not very many people have that much money.” “Because,” the voice said, snickering, “I know your secret.” That’s what I was afraid of. Frosty thought. Five days of pure agony past, each including a lot of crying, worrying, and even a baby photo album of Frosty. It was October 29, one day until the money was due, or “else.” Frosty’s parents had recieved a ransom letter, saying to leave the million dollars at Harvard University in Sever Hall, by the model of Harvard. They had also recieved a ransom email, with the same information. The police were trying to locate Frosty, but with no luck whatsoever. “We need to find Frosty ourselves.” Penny told Slider, while sitting in Penny’s basement. “How can we figure out where Frosty is? We’re just kids. The police have a better chance of finding him.” Slider sighed. “The police haven’t found him yet. It’s time we step in. If we wait for the police, it might be... too late.” Slider hesitated for a few moments, then said, “Okay, I’ll do it. But where do we start?” “Hmmm.... well...” Penny stared at the computer, then jumped up and yelled, “THE EMAIL!” Startled, Slider said, “What?” Penny calmed down. “The email. We can track which computer it came from, then figure out the location, and find Frosty!” “What if it’s a trap?” “We have to try.” “Okay.” Penny downloaded Hyper Flash Star Locator, a program used for this purpose. She popped up the email, and entered it in the search box for the Flash Star Locator. It came up with what looked like a spam message, and for a moment Penny was scared her computer was going to explode. Suddenly, the computer shut down, and then flashed back to life. “Match not found,” was displayed on the screen. No! It has to work! Penny thought. “Beginning secondary search,” started flashing on the screen. “Match found!” “YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Slider and Penny yelled together. A box popped up. Screen Name: Haiku482 Address: 891 Darcy Road Location: Cambridge, MA “I know where that is!” Slider shouted. “It’s right outside of Boston! It’s only about half a mile from here!” Penny and Slider exchanged a high five. “Let’s go!” Penny exclaimed. “Wait! We can’t go today. It’s already dark outside, and we can’t let our parents know what we’re doing.” “Fine, then we’ll go first thing tomorrow morning. Remember, tomorrow is October 30th, when the money is due.” “Deal.” Deal is the worst final word ever. We’re both going to die, and Frosty probably will too. I can’t believe I thought we could do this. Well, there’s no turning back now. We have to try. We have to save Frosty. Penny thought, wondering if she was the stupidest being to ever walk the planet. I can’t believe I let Penny talk me into this. What was I thinking? I don’t want to do this! But we have too, and I promised Penny. I’m so stupid, thinking we could do this, thought Slider, thinking he might also be the stupidest being on Earth. “How do I look?” Penny asked, examining herself in the full length mirror. She was wearing a black jumpsuit, and had her long, silky brown hair pulled into a side ponytail. “Well, black isn’t really your best color, but you’re pulling it off nicely.” Slider said. He was also wearing a black jumpsuit, and had his hair slicked back. “Are you... ready?” To get killed. Penny thought to herself. “I’m ready if you are,” responded Slider. “Better now than never.” “Let’s go.” The friends grabbed their bikes from the garage, and pedaled as fast as they could. They arrived about an hour later at the warehouse. Nervously, they walked inside. It was pitch black inside. Slider carefully searched for the light switch, and switched it on. They saw a very... unexpected site. The walls were hot pink with light purple and light blue flowers. There was a Christmas tree, a mini train, snowcone maker, Plasma 62” flat screen TV, and A PIG!?!?!?!?! “Uhhh... you sure we got the right address?” Penny asked, taken aback. “I...” Before Slider could respond, a voice filled the air. “You have found the right address, but you are too late, and cannot stop me.” The voice said. “Wait, is that a haiku?” Penny asked, trying to remember the lesson on poetry in 3rd grade. “You are correct my wise one, it is a haiku, but that is not key.” Oh, great. A criminal who speaks in haiku. Just my luck, Penny thought. “Who are you? What have you done with Frosty?” Slider inquired bravely, even though Penny could see the growing fear in his eyes. Guys! It’s me, Frosty! Help me!” The two looked over and saw Frosty, tied to a chair with thick rope. They rushed over as quick as their legs would carry them. “How can we get him out?” Slider asked Penny. “How about we just use this conviently placed sharp knife that has a post-it note attached that says, ‘Hide this knife, so Frosty cannot escape,’ sound good?” Slider was quick and cut the rope with ease. “You may have got him, but I still know his secret, and can reveal it.” “What secret?” Slider asked, nervously. “Well...” the man began. “No, wait. Let me tell them. I want to do it myself.” The man waited for Frosty to speak. “My secret is...” Frosty glanced around, waiting, seeming to wish the moment would pass, and it would be over. “I... I... I’m Mimo.” Frosty glanced down quickly. “YOU’RE MIMO?!?!?!?” they screamed at the top of their lungs together. “Yeah.” Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Penny thought. Before they could speak, the man spoke again. “Since you told who you, are, I shall reveal who I am, I’m really Sensei.” “SENSEI?!?!?!?” “Like, duh, and now I’m totally going to, like, reveal your identity, like, yeah.” Sense said, like a valley girl. Now he decides to not talk in haiku. Sensei logged on to his pink laptop. “Now, all I have to do is press send, and your identity will be revealed! MWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!” “NOOOOO!!!” Frosty shouted. “Duck and cover!” Slider exclaimed. “Nah, I’ll just pull the plug on his computer.” Penny said, smirking. Now it was Sensei’s turn to yell, “NOOOOO!!!” “Yep, here I go.” Penny pulled the plug, and Sensei’s computer disappeared into thin air. “Okay, that was creepy.” “Actually, the computer was just a video image, it didn’t actually exist.” Sensei said, “And so am I! I’m video too! This is recorded!” And then Sensei just disappeared into thin air. “Now, THAT was super creepy!” Slider said, obviously still taking everything end. “So, now you know. I’m Mimo.” Frosty murmered. “Why didn’t you just tell us?” “I was afraid. I know you guys aren’t really thrilled with Mimo, and I thought you might not want to be my friends.” Man, that sounds so planned. I sound like a five year old, confessing that he ate a pieve of candy when he knew he wasn’t supposed too. “Yeah, well, you’re still Frosty. Always were, always will be.” “So... umm... wanna go home?” Penny asked. “Sure.” Slider and Frosty replied. The three rode home on their bikes, and stopped at Frosty’s house first. “See you later, Frosty! Glad you’re back, Frosty!” Penny and Slider said, stressing the ‘Frosty.’ Then, they winked and rode away. The next day the trio met up at Slider’s house to go trick-or-treating together. Penny was dressed as a Greek Goddess, Frosty was a gummy bear, and Slider was Santa Claus. The trio went outside, and went to the first house they saw. They smiled, and screamed, “TRICK-OR-TREAT!” This was definately a very interesting Halloween! (SCROLL DOWN) BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I wrote this in October 2009 for a contest Slider had and I thought I'd share it because YOLO. Enjoy rofl. (:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I hate change.
My greatest fear is talking to you guys one day, and the next day you leave. Every time I talk to you guys, it could be the last time. I love you guys so much, and the thought of never talking to you again one day scares me to death. I miss those times when life here was simple, and I miss some of the "originals" I used to know. Most of the people that were here at the time I came aren't here anymore. I feel like one of the last "survivors".
People say online chats are bad, but I don't see it. No 50 year old pedo has came knocking at my door yet. I try to stay safe online, but sometimes I feel like I overexpose myself. I can't say I've never had a nightmare of someone from chat coming to my house and killing me in the night. Yet, when I talk to you guys, I feel safe. Online chats aren't that bad. I've met some of the most amazing people that walk this earth, that give me hope for the new generation. Before chats, I always felt like people that weren't from where I live were completely different. But they're not. Gosh, I've talked to people in England, Canada, Australia, and Brazil, just to name a few places. I've talked to people from all over America as well, from Maryland to New Jersey to Massachusetts to Tennessee to Kansas to Florida to California, even some from Ohio like me. I never thought I would talk to someone from the other side of the world. And if I did, I never thought they'd be like me. I feel stupid now, because they are. I guess like the song says "it's a small world after all".
Whenever my friends make a joke about people from other countries, I don't find it funny. When they say "Canadians are so stupid" I fight back. Of course, I can't tell them about you guys, so sometimes it's hard to defend you. I guess they're just misinformed, because you guys are nothing like the stereotypes we create.
I'm terrified of someone from my real life finding me online. What if they found my twitter? That could ruin me. I tell my deepest thoughts on my twitter, and I would hate for them to be leaked. Why do I tweet then? To be honest, I don't know. It's kind of like my diary, and when I look back at my tweets imtell myself "you survived that". I can survive anything. What if they found my facebook, youtube, blog? If someone knew I was Penny Mickey, I don't know what I'd do.
Penny Mickey has become my second life. Sometimes, I mess up and call myself Penny in the real world. Stupid, I know. To me, Penny is the person inside of me I'm too afraid to show in the real world. I never let it show at school, but I'm secretly outgoing, funny, sarcastic. That's what I show you guys. Sometimes Penny leaks into the real world, but no one ever understands my jokes. I feel more accepted as Penny here than I feel accepted at all in my outside life. I've told you guys secrets I've never told anyone, like about my mom's anxiety or my dad's girlfriend. I've tried telling my real world friends, but they don't understand like you guys. Who would've thought people from around the world would understand me more than my so called friends?
Somehow this post just flowed out of my fingers as I typed it on my iPad. It's nothing special, just some of my thoughts. Through the Internet, I discovered my best friends. I discovered my secret me, vying to escape. I discovered how people across the globe aren't that different. I took advantage of the opportunity to change my life through you guys.

Maybe all change isn't so bad.

Friday, September 23, 2011


You know those moments where you just want to kill yourself? You feel like you're broken and will never be fixed. I feel that way now. Not from one thing or person, but from many. You give it your all, you get crap back. I'm tired of trying, when no one seems to care. You be nice to someone, they stab you right in the heart. My family, my friends, strangers. I'm always overlooked. They go for the other guy. I'm left in the shadows, wondering what I did wrong. I feel like I'll always feel this way. When does it get better? I've had depression for 3 years straight now, where's the end of the tunnel? I feel as though I've reached the end of the tunnel, but there's no light this time. So you just give up. You stop searching for the light, because you know it's not there. And the end of the tunnel in life is.. suicide. Is that where I am? Am I so unhappy that's what I feel like I have to do? Sometimes I wonder if I die kill myself, if people would truly care. Sure, they'd be sad for a week, then I think they'd just forget. Out of sight, out of mind. Overlooked.

I put effort into school, Club Penguin, family relations, friendship. I get crap back. I say I'll do something nice for you. You never do anything nice for me. Can't I win at something just once? I'm tired of being labeled. I'm tired of being unpopular. I'm tired of being depressed.I'm tired of life. I'm tired of... being overlooked.

I act happy and say it's ok, but it's really not. I'll never look at you in the same way again. We'll be friends. But never like I thought we were. I say that about a lot of things. I don't forgive, and I sure don't forget. Nothing can solve this, and my heart will always be empty. Broken. Shattered into too many pieces to be resurrected. Overlooked.

I'm depressed, I'm anorexic, I'm suicidal. When does the suffering stop? Never. I cry out for help. No one answers. They act like they don't hear. I'm buried 6 feet under, no one's there to hear my screams. I feel less than perfect. Like I'll never be good enough for the standards. I'm doomed for failure, and it's only a matter of time before I end it before it's started. Because my problems are always overlooked.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. Maybe I should die. What's my purpose? Why can I never be happy? I just want know. Maybe I'll just always be overlooked...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Poem

Every day is a constant struggle for her
Pushing away her food
Simply saying "I'm not hungry"
When inside that's all she wants

She limits her calories to 1,000 a day
If she goes over at herself she screams
Her self esteem goes down the drain

She checks calories on everything
From yogurt to juice
If it's over 200 it's no good
She pushes it farther away

Her friends tell her she's not fat
She doesn't believe them
Every time she looks in the mirror
All she sees is the fattest girl

Her family doesn't seem to notice
Her problem here or there
They don't notice her depression
She's slowly slipping away

The illness has taken over
Taking away her soul
All she wants is some help
But no one ever hears her screams

Anorexia is a serious problem. I know; I have it myself. This poem kind of describes how I feel, and maybe it describes how others feel too. Stay strong everyone. <3

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sexy Bunny

Bunny is sexy. Like Penny. (:

That's all.

Stop reading.

You think there's something exciting coming?


Just more sexiness.

And doing it with Bunny in bed.

And more sexiness.

And Gangsta Stalkerness.

Alright bye.




Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If Only He Knew Site

Hey! I've decided to create a site dedicated solely to If Only He Knew, a story I'm writing. But don't worry; I'll still post on this blog. The site for If Only He Knew is... www.ifonlyheknewstory.blogspot.com! Be sure to check it out!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Pet Raccoon Smells Like Cheese

While looking through the files on my computer I came across this old short story I wrote. It's nothing spectacular, but I guess it's something to laugh at, if even just for it's stupidity.

My pet raccoon smells like cheese, so that’s why he is named Mr. Cheese! Everywhere I go, I bring Mr. Cheese. I brought him to the store one day and we went past the cheese aisle. While I was looking at all the cheese, Mr. Cheese jumped out of the basket and climbed in with the blue cheese. (BLUE CHEESE!?!?!?! WHY DO THEY EVEN MAKE IT!?!?!? NO ONE LIKES IT!!!)I left, thinking Mr. Cheese was still in the basket. After I left, some Chinese bald dude with a beard, came to get some blue cheese. (BLUE CHEESE!?!?!?! POOR CHINESE DUDE, HE LIKE BLUE CHEESE!! POOR DUDE…) He looked at all the cheese, and one caught his attention. He picked up Mr. Cheese, (thinking he was blue cheese because he smells like cheese… maybe the dude is blind! LOL) and put Mr. Cheese in his basket. He went to the self-checkout and paid for Mr. Cheese. He walked outside, got in his car, and drove to his apartment in the middle of nowhere. (Poor guy… doesn’t even have a house… and lives in the middle of nowhere…) He went inside and unpacked his cheese and was about to put it inside the fridge when… Mr. Cheese jumped out and ran around doing a tap dance routine! The guy just shrugged and left the apartment to get more cheese! Mr. Cheese danced into the bedroom and found another raccoon! They talked in raccoon language and Mr. Cheese found out the other raccoon was a girl named Miss Cheese! They instantly fell in love, and had a little raccoon wedding outside the apartment. (Awwww….) Then they saw a poster that I had put up on a lone pole when I found Mr. Cheese was missing. (They can read! They’re so smart!) They decided to go find me and live at my luxery mansion with 800 rooms, 150 bathrooms (all with luxery hot tubs), 200 TVs, 1,000,000′s of dollars worth of food, 100 pools, and a butler for every room! (Man… I’m so rich!!! That’s what happens when your husband “dies randomly” hehe…. I’ll never tell what happened to my husband!!! MWA HA HA HA HA!!!)So they set off on their journey. They started in California, took 100 trains to Maine, rode bicycles to Floridia, took a subway to Georgia, took 19 buses to Washington D.C. (while they were there they “accidently” set the Declaration of Independence of fire… hehe! Good Raccoons!!) rode unicyles to Ohio, Rode an elephant to Colorado, and then…. took a flying carpet with Aladdin back to California! They find my mansion, walk inside, and are greeting by me with a giant smile that had been on my face for a year while they traveled. (POOR ME… MY MOUTH MUST HURT A LOT…) I welcome them with a feast fit for a raccoon king…. miles and miles of cheese!!! They eat their cheese happily, then take a luxery bath, swim in the pool, get some lemonade, and THEN…. hug me and show me a tap rountine! I couldn’t be happier! My raccoons can make me even more money… TAP DANCING RACCOONS, BROADWAY HERE I.. I MEAN, MY RACCOONS, YEAH THAT’S RIGHT… HEHE! COME! HERE WE COME!!!! MONEY!!!!!! HEHE!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

I'm not exactly sure why I wrote this, or how I even came up with this idea. And yet here it is, sitting in my old files, now on display for the whole world to see. Lol. (:


P.S. The first part of If Only He Knew will be out within the next day or so!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

~Stalker Poem~

This is a random poem about my stalker. Enjoy. :P

My Stalker

He walks down the school hallway
His hair flipping every which way
If only he'd ever love me
I'd love to see that day

He says hi to his friends
Waving to them saying "hey!"
But as he walks past me
There's nothing to ever say

I doubt he notices me
Although for that every night I pray
I dream of us together
Kissing by the Chesapeake Bay

We'd hold hands in the park
Or maybe swim under a waterfall
I don't even care
Even just taking a trip to the mall

Reality wakes me up
Stirring me from my dreams
I know we'll never be together
Because of that girl on the balance beams

She's Lauren
Her laugh, her smile, her physique
The perfect girl in every shape and form
With whom I'll never be able to compete

For now I'll just keep dreaming
Hoping, maybe... someday
He'll stop in the hall by me and say...

Monday, May 30, 2011

If Only He Knew! And Story Contest!

***Congrats Cassie for winning! Check out Slider's Spiffy Magazine to read about it!***

Hey penguins of the world! Your day just got better, because Penny is here!!! (:

Starting soon (sometime within the next week), I'm going to post chapters of a story I'll be writing called If Only He Knew. It's about a girl named Arielle and just her adventures throughout high school and her life in general. And did I mention a certain "stalker" might be involved?! Haha, I know you're excited now. (:

In other sorta related news, I have a contest for you! It's a story writing contest. You guys submit a story in a comment, and on June 13 (two weeks from today), I will reveal the winner!! What does the story have to be about to qualify? Glad you asked! Your story must:

1. Involve me (Penny) and my stalker (Nick). However, it doesn't have to be completely focused on us. For all I care, your story could just say "I watched as Penny and Nick strolled along eating their Blizzards from Dairy Queen, looking absolutely in love with each other." That could be it lol, and your story could be about anything else you want. I just want as least one line. But if you want it to revolve around me and my stalker, that's ok too!!! (In fact, Penny would love that lol.)
2. Actually make sense
3. Not kill my stalker (but you can kill me and then he kisses me and brings me back to life lol)
4. Use semi-correct grammar, spelling, and all that stuff (I want to UNDERSTAND what you're writing)
5. Be AWESOMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds easy enough right? The winner will get.....
Haha, I might have a spare coin code lying around my house, if you know what I mean *wink wink*

Good luck!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

What the Heck??


F***erdoodles. (That's my new catch phrase for when I'm really mad.)

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